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About Me



Hi! I'm Carli Marsico, better known as Guilty Quilty. I'm a materials engineer and part-time sewist. Guilty Quilty was born out of a need to stretch and exercise my creative muscles; a need that made itself loudly known when I was in grad school working on my PhD. While engineering is an inherently creative vocation, it doesn't provide nearly enough time to satisfy my creative side. Guilty Quilty fills that void. It's my escape, my passion, and my training ground so that I can come back to my engineering refreshed and ready to tackle technical problems with a new perspective. 


My aesthetic is bold, highly geometric, and modern. I love saturated, warm colors and innovative designs that use colors and fabrics in unusual ways to create unique effects. But more than any of that, I love a slick technique. There's nothing better than applying engineering to my quilting to come up with quicker ways to make complicated processes easier. A Guilty Quilty pattern is an experience, not just a design.

When I'm not quilting, you'll find me hiking with my husband and fur baby, Maizy, in the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont where we currently call home. 

Why Guilty Quilty? That's my way of rebelling a bit against the notion that a creative hobby is a "waste of time." Nothing could be further from the truth! 

me and my husband smiling
cute dog upside down on a gray couch
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