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  • Do your graphics show the seam allowances?
    Yes! When appropriate. Things like flying geese and half rectangle triangles (HRTs), where the seam allowance will cause the unfinished piece to look significantly different from the finished piece, show the seam allowances so that the diagrams match what will actually be sewn. However, things like individual HSTs and Snowballs, where the unfinished and finished pieces look very similar, do not show seam allowances.
  • What can't quilt pattern graphics be used for?
    Using these graphics to ghostwrite patterns for others isn't allowed. Ghostwriting includes authoring any pattern than isn't published under your name. Writing a pattern for a magazine or quilt guild is perfectly acceptable as long as you are listed as the author. Sharing, reselling, or transferring graphics packages or anything derived from them other than the published pattern is strictly prohibited. For a full description of acceptable use, see the graphics packages' Terms of Use here.
  • What is the return policy for pattern graphics?
    Due to the digital nature of the graphics packages, no returns or refunds will be offered. For this reason, if you are not sure if the graphics package will fulfill your needs, I recommend that you reach out to me before purchasing so that I can help answer your questions.
  • How can I customize my graphics to match the colors and sizes used in my pattern?
    With each package comes a video showing step-by-step how to change the color and text in your pattern graphics. Two options are available. Both are free to use and require minimal technological skills. Option 1 – IconScout SVG Color editor: This option requires no software or computer skills. If you can use a website, you can customize the colors in your graphics to make them look exactly how you need for your quilt pattern. This option will not allow you to adjust the text though. Option 2 - Inkscape: This option requires the download and installation of a free graphics software, Inkscape. This software is similar to Adobe Illustrator but you don't need to know anything about it to successfully customize your graphics. I'll walk you through the couple of simple things you need to know to edit both the colors and text for your graphics.
  • How can graphics be used?
    Graphics are intended to be used to illustrate your own original patterns for print or digital publication. Certain generic methods are used frequently in quilting and these graphics packages provide general illustrations and text that you can use to quickly write a professional-looking pattern rather than starting from scratch. You can sell patterns made with the graphics and you can reuse the graphics over and over again. You only need to purchase the graphics once.
  • Are there any discounts for purchasing multiple packages?
    Of course! Would I leave you hanging like that? In a single transaction, if you purchase: 3-4 graphics - 15% discount 5-7 graphics - 20% discount 8 or more graphics - 30% discount The discount will apply automatically upon checkout. If it doesn't for some odd reason, please reach out and let me know. We'll get it straightened out right away.
  • Can you still tech edit patterns written with your pattern graphics?
    Absolutely! While I'm not able to tech edit patterns I've written myself, you are going to customize these graphics to your own pattern and style enabling me to still provide an objective and wholistic review of your pattern.
  • What makes your graphics better than others?
    Unlike some of the graphics available, mine are drawn with a tech editor's expert eye. I've authored or ghostwritten over 50 patterns and tech-edited countless others. You can be confident knowing you are using clear, professional, and attractive graphics in your quilt patterns that have already passed my stringent tech-editor standard. Also, my graphics can be customized and recolored without having to purchase or learn Adobe Illustrator. You don't have to purchase any additional software subscriptions in order to use them. Use Canva or another free publishing software to lay out and write beautiful, professional patterns.
  • What if you don't have all the graphics I need?
    PLEASE reach out and let me know exactly what you're looking for through the contact form on my website! If you're looking for graphics for a general quilting process, I'm always looking to develop new graphics packages for purchase and if there's something you need specifically right now, I'll move that to the top of the list. If you're looking for custom graphics specific to your design, such as an assembly layout or coloring sheet, I also provide al la carte graphics drafting as part of my tech editing and ghostwriting services. Tell me what you're looking for and have custom graphics drawn for you for as little as $20.
  • Do you have a list of corrections for your quilt patterns?
    Nope! Because I only sell digital copies currently, I do not keep a running errata list for my patterns; I just update the pattern if an error is ever identified. If you think you have identified an error, please reach out and I will send you the most up-to-date copy of the pattern at no charge.
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