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Never trim your HSTs again!

Enter information about how many half-square triangles (HSTs) you need to convert any pattern from an annoying traditional method to the quick and easy strip piecing method.


The calculator will tell exactly what strips to cut and how much yardage is needed. Follow the instructions in my HSTs by the strip cheat sheet or on my blog to learn how to quickly cut HSTs from strips and  . . .


. . . never trim your HSTs again!

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Cut the number of strips indicated in each fabric in the HST.

In general, the strip piecing method uses less fabric than any traditional HST method.

If you bought the fabric listed in the fabric requirements for your pattern (assuming there was no error), you should have more than enough fabric.


  • Unfinished size = finished size + 1/2" 

       This leaves room for the seam allowance.

  • Most yardage is 42" width of fabric

  • Most fat quarters are 21" width of fabric​​

  • 0.125 = 1/8

  • 0.25 = 1/4

  • 0.375 = 3/8

  • 0.5 = 1/2

  • 0.625 = 5/8

  • 0.75 = 3/4

  • 0.875 = 7/8

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