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Get all the graphics you need for including the orange peel block method in your quilt pattern.


NOTE: This does not include templates or cutting graphics. Those will be available in a separate listing. This product is just the graphics for sewing a orange peel curved piece.


Package includes

  1. Assembly diagrams (shown).
  2. Marking diagrams for both the inner and outer arc (not shown).
  3. Trimming diagram (not shown)
  4. Copy and pasteable example text.
  5. Step-by-step video showing how to recolor and customize your graphics.


No additional software is necessary. Purchase once and use over and over again.

Orange Peel Graphics

  • These graphics are for individual use only and are non-transferable. They are intended to be used in quilt patterns (paid or free) that you author under your own name (no ghostwriting) and can be used repeatedly under one license. For more information about acceptable use, see the full license information here.

    By purchasing these graphics, you are agreeing to the liscense in full.

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