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Updated: Feb 22, 2022

As 2021 draws to a close, I've joined with several other makers to bring you tips to get your creative space organized for 2022. I took days 16 and 17 to talk about organization surrounding patterns. You can find the rest of the videos linked below. There are some really great ideas here that will definitely help you get 2022 off to the right start.

Video Links

Day 1 - Launch by Shereece Spain from @sewhookedontreasure

Day 2 - Mini bolt storage for fabric yardage by Karen Loe from @caeruleanquilts

Day 3 - Setting up your machine for piecing by TJ Wright from @tjwrightquilts

Day 4 - Inventory Day by Shereece Spain from @sewhookedontreasure

Day 5 - Break

Day 6 - Organizing machine accessories by Deidre Wilson from @lilabeanquilts

Day 7 - Inventory day for notions by Shereece Spain from @sewhookedontreasure

Day 8 - Pegboard for notions organization by Emma Powell from @emmaquiltsalot

Day 9 - Keeping pins organized by TJ Wright from @tjwrightquilts

Day 10 - Notion storage by Hillary Cooper from @blueberry_hills_quilts

Day 11 - Cutting scraps for future projects by Jenny Unger from @fabfabricgirl

Day 12 - Break

Day 13 - Organizing fabric scraps by Casey Chatham from @sewworthymama

Day 14 - Starching fabrics by Tamara Schindler from @sewingqueenquilts

Day 15 - Organizing digital patterns by Shereece Spain from @sewhookedontreasure

Day 16 - Keeping paper patterns organized by me! (Carli Marsico) from @guilty_quilty

Day 18 - Organizing your Pinterest by Shereece Spain from @sewhookedontreasure

Day 19 - Using a quilt planner by Hillary Cooper from @blueberry_hills_quilts

Day 20 - Staying on top of deadlines with a quilt Kanban Board by Shannon Wirsching from @whiskey_quilts

Day 21 - Break

Day 22 - Staying organized when working on multiple projects by Emilee Firth from @ raspberrystitchery

Day 23 - Labeling your quilt top with hand embroidery by Michelle Vincent from @victoryquiltingandneedleworks

Day 24 - Happy Holidays!

Day 25 - Happy Holidays!

Day 26 - Happy Holidays!

Day 27 - Happy Holidays!

Day 28 - Organizing fabric for new projects by Lauren Metang from @palm_creations

Day 29 - Organizing the new stuff you just got by Shereece Spain from @sewhookedontreasure

Day 30 - Happy New Year!

Day 31 - Happy New Year!

Day 16 - Keeping patterns organized

You can check out my video on Instagram where I show how I keep my PDF pattern printouts organized. Here are some of the items I use to keep my patterns organized. None of these links are affiliate links and you can find them at almost any office supply store.

3 ring binder - for storing patterns

Mini binder - for half-sheet paper patterns

Mini page protectors - for half-sheet paper patterns

Full-size sheet protectors - for full-size paper patterns

Binder zipper pockets - for keeping bulkier templates and rulers organized

Day 17 - Staying Organized when working on multiple patterns

If you're a quilter, you're probably also a serial project starter and routinely work on multiple projects at the same time. You can see how I keep everything straight in my Instagram video. Download the free PDF project sheets I showed in my video below.

Happy organizing!

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