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Seud Medallion Tester Parade

First off, let me just say that I had THE BEST testers! 6 wonderful people who helped bring you a clean, easy-to-follow pattern and demonstrate all the different ways it can be interpreted. Give them a round of applause!

First up is Shilo from @etoileprojects. What an eye for color! It's such a different combination from what most quilters would choose, but it works so well! I am completely in love with this version and this palette!

Next up is Amy from @anyjohnstonrobertson. Hello quilts in the wild! Amy took Seud Medallion and transformed it with some florals and prints into an amazing piece of art! I want to live in this winter wonderland! Incredible!

Next up is Jenn from @mountainviewquilter. Jenn used the same purple hues for both the medallion and background fabrics for a stunning result. This not only cuts down on the total number of fabrics needed, but also gives the quilt double ombre rings and its amazing!

Next is Jamie from @jgircali. Jamie used some soothing textured solids for the medallion fabrics for a beautiful effect. I'm feeling ocean vibes with this one and it's just beautiful!

Next is Michelle from @lovesbloomsquilts. Michelle tested both Seud Medallion and its buddy pattern the Facet Bonus Pillow. The dark background and bright colors she chose remind me of stained glass and it's just beautiful!

Last, but certainty not least is Bethany from @in_a_greenfield_quilting. Bethany also tested both patterns for me. She used different shades of blue on a dark background for a beautiful soothing ombre. Little pops of hot pink put this version over the top!

Aren't they all amazing!?!? Show each of these talented makers some love!

Seud Medallion and Facet Bonus Pillow are available now. You can grab copies of both from my pattern shop here.


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